The Good, The Bad, and the “Oh yeah baby!!”

12 10 2007

This week was interesting. We started with another rough attempt at a Gears session. After essentially having everybody drop off one at a time we were able to determine that the Host was the one causing the network issues. Unfortunately for me, I was the host. We still suffered through it and ended up having an OK night.

That led us into Thursday’s session which had all those involved screaming “”Oh yeah baby!!” in a non romantic manner.  Thursday nights session was nearly perfect and really illustrates the ideal session. We started off in Halo 3 and moved over to GOW pretty early in the night. Before we knew it we had a room of seven and had some really good matches. We switched up the teams just about every map so that no one had to continually be on the smaller team. Then, RobLiveOrDead jumped in to fill up the room. After that each and every match was (excuse the ghettoism) Off The Hook!

This is the stuff that dreams are made of. Well, at least XTC2XS’s dreams anyhow… he told us that he dreamt about our Gears session the entire night after we finally decided to call it quits and hit our respective sacks (or couches for those of us living up to the clan name).

The only other thing I had to add was that I watched Black Hawk Down again today at lunch… COD4 can’t come soon enough!

See you online!

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RobLiveOrDead’s new movie on DVD tomorrow

8 10 2007

Check Rob’s member page for details on his new movie (Night of the Living Dead 3D) that comes out tomorrow. Click the image below to go to the official movie website and view the trailer.


Tuesday night another shot @ GOW

8 10 2007


Just as Walk The Line explains on his page, our Thursday night Gears session didn’t turn out as well as hoped. We had several connection errors and it made the game pretty hard to play. We had fun after making the move to Halo but the small time playing Gears of War reminded several of us why we keep coming back to that game. Therefore, lets try another Gears of War session this Tuesday night. Looking forward to some shotgun splatting and pistol slapping. See you there!

– Manic Manatee

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GOW tonight and updates on the site

5 10 2007


Looking forward to tonight! As fun as the COD4 Beta and the release of Halo 3 have been, I’m looking to get back into what started this all; Gears of War.  Especially since we have not played with KDawg42 for a few weeks.

So far, the site has turned out pretty well. I’m hoping it gets utilized a bunch by the group and that we can draw traffic to it.  TorySan21x WalkTheLine x and I have created banners for our pages and they all look pretty sweet.

– Manic Manatee

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Welcome to the home of S.O.C.T!

3 10 2007

S.O.C.T. is a is a group of gamers (AKA Clan) that meet regularly to play 360 games. We are currently playing Gears of War and Halo 3 on a regular basis. We will soon be working COD4 into the mix (November 5th).

S.O.C.T. is not open for just anyone to join. We prefer a more exclusive approach to our membership. In fact, most of us are connected by knowing each other in the “real” world. This website will be a place for members to log in, link screen-shots, and chat about all things 360. You may find funny stories about one of our sessions. You might see personal pages for each of our members to display photo-shopped clan banners. Heck, you’ll find whatever we feel like placing here for you to find (and like it).

So, whether you’re a member, ran into some of us online, or just stumbled upon this site while searching for the mating habits of a Manatee; we hope you enjoy your stay.  

– Manic Manatee (SOCT)

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