Welcome to the home of S.O.C.T!

3 10 2007

S.O.C.T. is a is a group of gamers (AKA Clan) that meet regularly to play 360 games. We are currently playing Gears of War and Halo 3 on a regular basis. We will soon be working COD4 into the mix (November 5th).

S.O.C.T. is not open for just anyone to join. We prefer a more exclusive approach to our membership. In fact, most of us are connected by knowing each other in the “real” world. This website will be a place for members to log in, link screen-shots, and chat about all things 360. You may find funny stories about one of our sessions. You might see personal pages for each of our members to display photo-shopped clan banners. Heck, you’ll find whatever we feel like placing here for you to find (and like it).

So, whether you’re a member, ran into some of us online, or just stumbled upon this site while searching for the mating habits of a Manatee; we hope you enjoy your stay.  

– Manic Manatee (SOCT)

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4 10 2007
x walktheline x

SOCT 4 LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!

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