S.O.C.T. is a is a group of gamers (AKA Clan) that meet regularily to play 360 games. We are currently playing Gears of War and Halo 3 on a regular basis. We will soon be working COD4 into the mix (November 5th).

S.O.C.T. is not open for just anyone to join. We perfer a more exclusive approach to our membership. In fact, most of us are connected by knowing each other in the “real” world. This website will be a place for members to log in, link screenshots, and chat about all things 360. You may find funny stories about one of our sessions. You might see personal pages for each of our members to display photoshopped clan banners. Heck, you’ll find whatever we feel like placing here for you to find (and like it).

So, wether you’re a member, ran into some of us online, or just stumbled upon this site while searching for the mating habits of a Manatee; we hope you enjoy your stay.  

– Manic Manatee (SOCT)


2 responses

4 10 2007

Hi sounds good. I’m not sure I care a bout the matings of the manatee but I look forward to shooting you with my Spartan Laser!

4 10 2007
x walktheline x

how do we post our game pictures? i got some good ones of me and ry blowing up Torysan.

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